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Things to Ponder

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So What If You're Not Keeping Up With The Joneses


By Judi Moreo 

(Excerpt from You Are More Than Enough by Judi Moreo)

Madonna is not the only one who has become “a material girl in a material world.” Many of us live with the fear of poverty every day. We are afraid we won’t live in the right neighborhood, drive the right car, wear the right clothes, carry the right handbag, or be able to sustain the right lifestyle. This desire for more and more is directly connected to what others think of us. If we don’t have as much as they do, they might look down their noses at us. You could go deeply into debt trying to keep up with your neighbors and friends, but there is no guarantee that having more material possessions will make you any happier…or even make you fit in. We have become a nation of spenders!!! Just because we want it, doesn’t mean we should have it! Are we buying all of these things because we are trying to fill the void of satisfaction in our lives?

Close self-scrutiny may disclose how very much we want the “right people” to think we are the right kind of person, too! Many of us are so eager to acquire material things that we don’t nourish our values, our health, our integrity, or our spiritual selves. Many people believe if they had all the money they needed, everything else in their lives would be fine. This is not true. Money may buy you a multitude of things, but it will not ensure that you are healthy, happy, or have great relationships. If you are sick, all the money in the world won’t buy the health you desire.

There are many symptoms of poverty consciousness. If you can recognize and eliminate these symptoms before they become ingrained as your lifestyle, you will never again have to worry about poverty. These symptoms are known as laziness, indecision, doubt, fault-finding, procrastination, complaining, and compulsive spending. Additional symptoms include a lack of ambition, a lack of self-control, and neglect of your personal appearance. If any of these symptoms have crept into your life, get rid of them right away. The longer you allow them to remain, the more consumed you become by your poverty consciousness. Eliminate these symptoms and poverty will disappear from your mind and your life. You will find yourself in control of all you want to achieve and you will have both the relationships and possessions you desire. How much is enough? Where do you draw the line? Decide now what you really need and what you are willing to accept, and then stop beating yourself up for not having more.

 Judi Moreo - Winning Solutions

Posted with permission