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Things to Ponder

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Winds of Change


By Judi Moreo 

Change happens…every day.  Our hair grows, our nails grow, we gain or lose weight, and we experience new things that change our perception of how things are. We live in a constant state of change.

So why is it that we go immediately to panic mode when we notice the winds of change blowing in our life?  Most of us cope reasonably well with the gentle breeze that is normal day to day growth, but when the winds kick up and there are major changes on the horizon, we find ourselves looking for shelter and clinging to the solid anchor of  “the way we’ve always done it”.

We all know people who face into the change, plant their feet firmly and refuse to be moved.  Like standing in the wind, this position can be difficult to maintain.
Change will reshape our lives as surely as mountains and deserts are reshaped by the constant pressure of blowing wind.

How we handle change is a conscious choice.  We can fight it, or go with it to see where it takes us.  We can use the energy of change to create a better environment.  Like harnessing the wind to provide electrical power, change can be used as a source of power in our lives.  Change is a constant and renewable resource.

If life isn’t working the way we want…. if the changes that are coming our way aren’t taking us in the direction we want to go, we have the power to choose the change we desire.  We can live our lives being buffeted by the wind or harness its power.  The choice is ours.   Where will the winds of change take you?

 Judi Moreo - Winning Solutions

(Excerpt from Judi Moreo’s Tidbits)

Posted with permission