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Things to Ponder

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Does Your Communication Style Say You Are a Professional?


By Judi Moreo 

Does your communication style change with the method of communication?  When communicating in an office setting do you tend to be more informal and chatty in an e-mail than you would be in a memo or letter?  Do you use your correct grammar skills when writing but not when speaking?

How we deliver information is extremely important to understanding.  How we speak or write leaves an overall impression of our professional capabilities.  You may be the best person for the job but if you cannot communicate in a clear, professional manner, you may not be perceived as a professional.

Spelling, grammar and proper letter format will make as much of an impression on your boss or potential client as the content of your letter.  Misspelled words, incorrect word usage and syntax will be remembered long after your proposal is tossed aside. 

The rise in instant communication through e-mail has brought on a whole new set of problems. E-mail etiquette is still evolving. 

However you deliver information, a grammar resource book, a dictionary, and a thesaurus are imperative to your personal business library.

 Judi Moreo - Winning Solutions

Posted with permission