Pierre Campbell was happily in love and engaged to the demure and gentle heiress, Juliet, but all that changed after her accident, and when his world collided with her nurse, Angela, a bombshell of a woman! He was convinced he was in love with both women and that’s where his troubles began, which catapulted him into a complicated love triangle of deceit, lies, and yes, love!

As Juliet recovered in the hospital, Pierre and Angela’s passionate, and sometimes explosive, relationship was kept a secret, and developed at a fast pace, much to his surprise. During this time, he was torn between his love for his fiancée and his new-found lover, and he questioned his betrayal to the woman with whom he had planned a future.

When Juliet was finally released from the hospital, he desperately tried to juggle his time between the two women. He liked the difference both relationships brought, and was not ready to end either of them or make a choice.

Uneasy to share his secret with his best friend and business partner, Tommy Steele, he constantly wrestled alone with his thoughts as to the reason for his betrayal, and often wondered if it were realistic for him to love both women or was he a player or just being selfish.

Pierre’s Choice is a gripping novel of suspense and heartbreaks. Buckle up for an ending filled with surprise and an unexpected and fascinating twist. Who will Pierre choose? The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat during the many escapades with his lover and fiancée, including a romantic getaway to beautiful Port Antonio in Jamaica.


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New Romance Fiction, Pierre’s Choice, is a Captivating Novel of Love and Betrayal

OLNEY, Md. – Author Felicita “Terry” Robinson, in her new book, Pierre’s Choice, takes the readers on an engaging tale of love, loss, and betrayal—one that is filled with suspense as the protagonist tries to maneuver the love triangle he created, involving his fiancée, who was recovering from an accident, and her nurse—a love triangle which begs him to constantly question himself whether he is in love with both women or he is a player or just being downright selfish.

Pierre’s Choice reminds readers of the importance of openness and truth in a relationship, as well as to give consideration to someone’s heart and emotional well-being, especially when one professes to love and truly care for that individual. As Carmen Barclay Subryan, Ph.D. Howard University states, “This cautionary tale… is compelling in its ability to engage as well as evoke serious emotions… Needless to say, this novel will generate much discussion."

Follow Pierre’s hectic pace on his many escapades, including a romantic getaway to beautiful Port Antonio in Jamaica. Who will he choose? The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat, and ultimately his choice will confound and perhaps confuse. To top it off, buckle up for an ending filled with an unexpected and fascinating twist.

About The Author
Felicita “Terry” Robinson is an award-winning author. Pierre’s Choice is her second published works and is a dynamic romance novel of intrigue and suspense.

Felicita, known as "Terry," was born and educated in Kingston, Jamaica. For her, writing is a passion, and she is an award-winning author. Pierre’s Choice is her second published work. Her first book, Seven Letters To Heaven, her own personal story about her last four months in Jamaica prior to migrating to the United States, was listed as a “Best Books Award Finalist” by USA Book News and an “International Book Awards Finalist by International Book Awards.Com. She has completed a graduate course at the Institute of Children Literature, and one of her short stories, A Most Unforgettable Experience, was selected as the winner of the June 2021 Summer Contest by the Academy of the Heart and Mind. She is the author of The Dark Side of War, a poem published by the National Library of Poetry as a part of their Surrounded by Dreams edition. Felicita has been interviewed by John Blake on The Caribbean Experience — WHUR FM, and TOGInet Radio by J. Douglas Barker. She is active in her church and community, and resides with her husband and two adult children in Maryland.
Pierre’s Choice, published August 26, 2022, is 305 pages, ISBN-13:979-8847878470, and is available in print and e-book formats exclusively at Amazon.Com or through the author's website at Category: fiction.
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