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The quotes for this month are based on Life’s Purpose. Have you thought about your purpose in life lately? I hope that you will find these quotes thought-provoking, helpful and inspirational.

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(Flowers from my Garden - Photo Credit: L.G. Robinson and G.P. Robinson)

“I believe that God has put gifts and talents and ability on the inside of every one of us. When you develop that and you believe in yourself and you believe that you’re a person of influence and a person of purpose, I believe you can rise up out of any situation.”

—Joel Osteen

“We don’t need bigger cars or fancier clothes. We need self-respect, identity, community, love, variety, beauty, challenge and a purpose in living that is greater than material accumulation.”

—Donella Meadows

 “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

—Bishop T.D. Jakes

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

—Dalai Lama

 “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

—Oprah Winfrey

 “If your life is cloudy and you’re far, far off course, you may have to go on faith for awhile but eventually you’ll learn that every time you trust your internal navigation system, you end up closer to your right life.”

                                                                                                                —Martha Beck

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

—Gautama Buddha


“I believe a purpose is something for which one is responsible, it’s not just divinely assigned.”

—Michael J. Fox

“When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes.”

—Thomas S. Monson

 “Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living.”

—Gautama Buddha

 The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to make things better.”

—Robert F. Kennedy


“I was given such a great gift. It’s a miracle that never stops amazing me and reminding me to give thanks, every day. Having a wife and daughter gives me a lot more purpose. I was much more selfish before, but now I think about what kind of role model I’ll be. I just want to be a better man.”

 —Jake Owen

“Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other. Thus, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strengths.”

—Sheri L. Dew

 “Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.”

—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“If you organize your life around your passion, you can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into something bigger—something that matters.”

 —Blake Mycoskie

 “If you prepare yourself at every point as well as you can…you will be able to grasp opportunity for broader experience when it appears.”

—Eleanor Roosevelt










“There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose, or definite goal at which to aim.”

—Napoleon Hill

“Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.”

—Kallam Anji Reddy

“Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.”

—Ayn Rand