Faith, hope and courage are virtues every Christian on a spiritual journey with God must have. "Seven Letters to Heaven" confirms this.  This book is not just about communicating with God through letter writing but also, it is a spiritual process of seeking God in one's situation and recognizing His hands at work in one's life; firstly in the means by which God answers one's prayers, and secondly the times when He actually does so.  What is remarkable about this book is that it not only serves as a guide, but also an easy to read spiritual companion.  This is why I would recommend it to anyone searching for a deeper intimacy with God.

—Rev. Basil Aguzie, MSP



How does it feel to be desperate...wanting help, waiting for something good to happen, and needing an uplifting hand to clear your difficulties?  Felicita "Terry" Robinson found the solution—reaching out to God by writing her prayers.  By this simple act of faith, she received guidance and solutions to her problems.  God knows our needs but we must first ask [for] His help.  In Matthew 21:22, Jesus said: "...And everything you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive."  Terry demonstrated her faith, and in this book, illustrates how we also can reap blessings from our Heavenly Father who loves and desires to reward us accordingly.

—Fay Massie, freelance writer and editor



"Terry has received a marvelous gift from heaven in response to her 'Seven Letters to Heaven' and is now selflessly sharing it with the world. It is our responsibility to further share this gift with others by using our God-given talents. Thank you Terry and it is my intention to use my radio programs to do the same." 

—John Blake

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"The righteous cry out and the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles."—Psalm 34:17

Without a test there is no testimony—Robinson takes us on her personal journey of tests with poems and prayers in her Seven Letters to Heaven.

—Beverley East, author of Reaper of Souls, a novel of the 1957 Kendal Crash





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